kullanari koottam

Below Average

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Expectations were good for ‘Kullanari Koottam’ for two good reasons. ‘Vennila Kabadi Kulu’ team coming together and the other was Udhayanidhi Stalin involved into word of mouth publicity. Moreover the songs by Selvaganesh were appreciable and the very definition of ‘Kullanari Koottam’ by Sri Balaji as a movie set in backdrops of ‘Madurai’, but completely far away from the regional clichés.

Produced by Aashish Jain, the film marks the debut directorial of Sri Balaji, once an associate of filmmaker Susindran and features Vishnu, Ramya Nambeesan in lead roles.

The film doesn’t prove to be different on any aspects. The time-worn tale of a guy on the mission of winning a girl’s heart and then of parents has been reestablished here.

Vetri (Vishnu), a MBA graduate is looking for a right kind of job belongs to the peculiarly caricatured family, where the father is dead against the police department. (Too funny) He doesn’t allow his eldest son to apply for passport as it would involve police verification. Out on an unexpected situation, Vetri falls in love with Priya (Ramya Nambeesan) and she reciprocates her feeling as well. But the problem arrives through her father, who wants his son-in-law either from military or police department. Here starts the game of ‘Kullanari Koottam’ as Vetri and his friend plot some funny chiseling drama to set things right.

With such a script in hand, Sri Balaji could have got the screenplay in an impressive way. What starts as a good drama with some innovative ingredients during first half, later stumbles halfway as the story proceeds to second half. The post-intermission was supposed to be more engaging, but fails to be so.

Vishnu needs special mention for an impressive stroke as he gets under the skin of his characterization
while Ramya Nambeesan makes it clear that she is here in Kollywood for homely girl looks and not for glam-appeal. Rest of the star-casts is just mediocre and it looks like the artists from ‘Vennila Kabadi Kulu’ have taken things lightly.

Musical score by Selvaganesh are worthy of praises as they are done with perfection. Hope the talented musician gets big offers soon. Cinematography is good at places.

If Sri Balaji had focused more into the script work, ‘Kullanari Koottam’ would have been a decorous family entertainer. But for now, it’s a below average fare.

What works: First half, Vishnu, Ramya Nambeesan, Music

What doesn’t work: Screenplay, Illogical elements, Dialogues

Verdict: Below Average

Production: Aasish Jain

Direction: Sri Balaji

Star-casts: Vishnu, Ramya Nambesan, Appukutty, Soori

Music: Selvaganesh

Review by Richard Mahesh

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