Singayil Gurushetram


Reviews 25-Mar-2011 2:56 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Singayil Oru Gurushetram’ is the first Singapore Tamil movie to be released herein Tamil Nadu. Directed by T.T. Dhavamani, the film has Vishnu, Sivakumar, Mathialagan, Vickneswari and Rajesh Kannan in lead roles. Rafee, an associate of A.R. Rahman who made his debut through ‘Jaggubhai’ as music director has scored music for the film.

Shot extensively across the locales of Singapore, the film revolves around protagonist Prakash (Vishnu) striving to protect his mentally challenged brother from serious troubles caused by Singapore underworld, drug barons and law abiders.

The story hasn’t got much to look upon as we have come across several movies of this genre. But what makes ‘Singayil Gurushetram’ a different movie is that the filmmaker’s ability to get the movie straight through its course and keep it away from unwanted elements like item songs, comedy tracks and romance.

When it comes down to performance, Vishnu has done justice to his role. Observe his emotions right throughout the movie and he makes sure of being a perfectionist. He can incisively expect some good offers herein Kollywood. The actor taking on the role of his mentally challenged brother is best on his part. In fact, Dhavamani has very well pictured his character as it stands out as a center of attraction for the audiences as they feel there is a kind of suspense involved in him.

The duration is just 120minutes and the screenplay is engrossing at few parts. Since a movie sans big brands is hitting screens in Tamil Nadu, a land where ‘Promotions and Publicity are the orders of the Day’, the producers have got to follow their tactics to reach it across the audiences.

What works: Screenplay, Story (though hackneyed it’s justifying), characterizations

What doesn’t work: New faces, Technical aspects

Verdict: Average

Production: Metrol Films, Singapore Film Commission, Blue River Pictures

Direction: T.T. Dhavamani

Star-casts: Vishnu, Sivakumar, Mathialagan, Vickneswari, Rajesh Kannan, Prakash Arasu, Gunalan Morgan and others

Music: Rafee

Cinematography: Lucas Jodogne

Lyrics: Madan Karki

Review by Richard Mahesh

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