Suriya Jammed At Ranganathan Street

It was supposed to be a hidden-shot of 8 cameras, but Suriya soon become cynosure of everyone’s eyes.

News 25-Mar-2011 12:25 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

How do you expect a famous actor like Suriya go unnoticed across a busiest lane like Ranganathan Street? Maybe, Suriya and A.R. Murugadoss had thought that they would accomplish easily with this task. It all happened while shooting the title song of ‘Ezham Arivu’ that has 1000 dancers shaking legs with Suriya. The song has been shot across various parts of Chennai and few portions were supposed to be shot amidst of crowd in Ranganathan Street.

Eight Cameras were placed at different points in the streets and the first shot was done with an ease. But very soon the crowd realized that it is Suriya next to them. Apparently, the area was jammed and the actor couldn’t save himself. The cops instantly arrived at the spots and saved him from the crowd.

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