Music Review - Vaanam

Yuvan Shankar Raja does an impressive job and the duo combo STR-U1 prove it again that they’re the best.

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Yuvan Shankar Raja-Silambarasan are back with a bang, this time with a much different spell. Their previous movies were blatantly based on heroism and had its own style of music relevant to the very core of this factor. With ‘Vaanam’, Yuvan Shankar Raja has reached a new level of music for all the 5 songs have different touch.

1. Evandi Unna Pethan

Vocals: Silambarasan, Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: U1, Silambarasan

Call this a recent anthem of youth cohorts? Definitely, it’s worth crediting it so. Right from the first beat, we can experience the thundering effort from Silambarasan and Yuvan Shankar Raja. The interludes played on synthesizers are stunningly done while the lyrical lines by Simbhu are the spotlighting key for the song’s success. But he could have better avoided certain terms in the song that are likely to hurt the feelings of women.

2. Vaanam

Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

The song gets into your senses right on the first time you hear it. Wow! That’s something more off a philosophical theme that occurs during the penultimate portion of the movie. A perfect situational song that will reach with more intensity after the film’s release for its visuals… Na. Muthukumar deserves special pat for his lines.

3. Cable Raja

Vocals: Abhishek, Lawrence

Lyrics: Abhishek, Lawrence

The signature theme for Silambarasan and it involves a typical mass hero portrayal. Abhishek and Lawrence have made it sound especially for STR fans as they bring out all the titles of Simbhu’s previous movies. The ‘Gaana’ type track will soon become a sensational hit in town.

4. Who Am I

Vocals: Benny Dayal

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

The song completely differs from the other numbers and it’s completely western. Sounds like an introduction song for Bharath and its rock band music. The song is about a young man’s quest of himself just as the title speaks of it ‘WHO AM I?’ Benny Dayal reaches the peak of his ability and comes up with his effortful approach to give the best touch.

5. No Money… No Honey

Vocals: Silambarasan, Andrea and Srikanth

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

A fun-filled peppy Kuthu number that shoots a line on the importance of ‘Money’ in everyone’s life… The song is pictured on Silambarasan, Andrea, Santhanam and Ganesh. Yuvan gives a complete local touch so as to capture the interests of frontbenchers. Of course, the song, choreography and gigantic sets will gradually grab everyone’s interests.

‘Vaanam’ is composed of various genres of music. With some of them already hitting the peak of charts, it will take some more time for other tracks to get its way there. Yuvan Shankar Raja does an impressive job and the duo combo STR-U1 prove it again that they’re the best.

Verdict: Buy a Copy

Banner: Cloud Nine Movies, VTV Productions, Magic Box Pictures

Direction: Krish

Star-casts: Silambarasan, Anushka, Bharath, Sonia Agarwal, Prakash Raj and others

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Silambarasan, Na. Muthukumar

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