Muthukku Muthaga

Uninteresting Drama

Reviews 21-Mar-2011 3:37 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Director Rasu Madhuravan has been fervently involved in making family based movies that has loads of sentiments and emotions. His previous movie ‘Maayandi Kudumbhathar’ was a decorous family entertainer with graceful elements that kept us engrossed throughout its course. Smug-bitten by desires of making similar movies, Rasu Madhuravan comes up with a same-genre flick ‘Muthukku Muthaga’. But what goes terribly wrong with this movie is the poor writing and sluggish screenplay. It looks like the filmmaker was overconfident that bringing same kind of scenario will capture the interest of audiences.

The film has a wafer-thin storyline of the relationships between family members that consists of parents (Ilavarasu and Saranya) and five children. Laced with narrative style of mega-serials, the proceedings move with nothing special meant for the audiences.

Let’s not come up commenting the story is mediocre. Rasu Madhuravan had a similar concept for his previous movie that worked out positive results. As mentioned earlier, the big mistake comes through a fallible screenplay with none of the sequences shaping up to the expectations.

Ilavarasu and Saranya have become favorite onscreen parents of Kollywood filmmakers. Though we have seen them pairing together in more movies, they are fresh and exert a fabulous spell. Vikranth emotes well at few sequences while Oviya looks hyper-active. For sure, she needs a crash course in acting.

On the technical front, there is nothing much to appreciate as the songs are so dull. Lyrics for songs based on mother-son sentiments are so clichéd.

As on whole, ‘Muthukku Muthaga’ is a below average movie that lacks perfection in almost all the departments.

What works: Naturalistic performance by Ilavarasu and Saranya

What doesn’t work: Almost everything

Verdict: Uninteresting Drama

Production: Pandiya Naadu Theatres

Starring: Vikranth, Oviya, Monika, Ilavarasu, Saranya

Direction: Rasu Maduravan

Music: Kavi Periyathambi

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