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Prithviraj has been carving a niche for himself over picking up some unique scripts and challenging roles. Incisively, the actor has been into more off anti-hero roles that includes his previous movie ‘Robinhood’ that was dubbed in Tamil as ‘ATM Thirudan’. This film has him playing a different role yet again. Filmmaker Amal Neerad is known for his stylish making of film with some fabulous visual traits. But what make ‘Anwar’ a mediocre is the fallible script and a flimsy screenplay.

The film opens with Anwar (Prithviraj) jailed for his involvement in Hawala dealing. When pushed behind the bars, he gets acquainted with Babu Sait (Lal), a terrorist and soon becomes his worthy of trust. After his release, he is directed by Babu to join the team of terrorist group (monitored by Sampath) and starts planting bombs at various parts of the city. Cut to – a chemical engineer Ayesha (Mamta Mohandas) is trapped by Anti-terrorist squad leader DIG Stalin Manimaran (Prakash Raj) suspecting her as a part of terrorist group that leads him to run behind Anwar. What unfolds next is a series of cat-and-mouse game between them leading to a surprise in plot.

The first hour of the movie has some interesting moments that is filled with few ‘thrill’ factors. But as the story proceeds towards post-intermission sequences, the soul is completely lost as the screenplay becomes very much dragging. But on the performance front,

Prithviraj steals the show by sticking ardently to the skin of his characterization.
Mamta Mohandas needs special mention for her performance and all praise to director Amal for delineating the characters with excellent. So are the other actors Prakash Raj and Sampath.

Maybe, if you’ve predicted the surprise factor ready to have its place in screenplay much before it arrives, then you’ll lose the interest of watching it with fervidness.

Technically the film scores brownie points with cinematography and background score.

On the whole, ‘Anwar’ boasts of technical attributes, but doesn’t have substantiality in script and screenplay.

What works: Performance of actors, cinematography, stunts

What doesn’t work: Screenplay, Music…

Verdict: Average Show

Production: Rajesh Zacharia

Direction: Amal Neerad

Star-casts: Prithviraj, Prakashraj, Lal, Mamta Mohandas

Music: Gopi Sundar

Review by Richard Mahesh

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