Best Photography Offer for 'Ko'

If you’re a best photographer, if you’ve some excellent photographs, it’s time to see them on title cards of ‘Ko’.

News 8-Mar-2011 3:13 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Right from the beginning K.V. Anand has been using his smartest traits to publicize his upcoming release ‘Ko’. Be the first look logo that has title ‘Ko’ appearing as a Camera Lens or the invitation for audio launch in newfangled way, it has been just an extraordinary attempt. Now he leaps straight into the masses by offering a big opportunity.

K.V. Anand has found an innovative way of making the film’s title cards. Any photographs with best resolution irrespective of any subjects will be selected. The best ones will appear in title cards while the photographers’ name will appear in ‘Thank You’ Card.

So start sending them immediately to

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