Singam Puli

Singam Puli

Reviews 4-Mar-2011 5:49 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It was nearly a year back we had Jeeva’s movie released and now we have the actor’s first release of 2011 titled ‘Singam Puli’. The film is directed by debutant Sai Ramani and is produced by Silver Line Film Factory. For the first time, Jeeva picks up a new task role of double action, but the basic plot clearly reminiscences of various yesteryear movies.

The film revolves around twin brothers Ashok (Jeeva) a lawyer and one Shiva (again played by Jeeva), a fisherman. Shiva always earns the wrath of his parents (Ponvannan and Kuyili) for being a short-tempered person while his happy-go-lucky brother Shiva remains as apple of their eyes. But what the parents are unaware is about the exact natures of their sons. Shiva is a sincere person and cares for others’ well being while Ashok is a playboy flirting with girls that result in an unexpected twist in tale with the suicide of a girl (Honey Rose). What unfolds next is the unraveling of murder mystery that will expose the true colors of the twin brothers with good winning over the bad.

Though Jeeva has played dual roles, there is nothing challenging to undertake here. Both the characters of Ashok and Shiva have similar shades in looks, dialogue deliveries, body language and costumes. Looks like Jeeva would have felt it easier to perform these roles as it reminiscences of his character in ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’. But the actor comes up exerting his best efforts throughout the movie.

The hilarious encounters between Jeeva and Santhanam have worked out well.
But most of them are double entendres that would surely make the family audiences wriggle their faces. Divya Spandana has nothing special to mention about as she plays the usual heroine’s role in commercial movies. Honey Rose rechristened as Soundarya lacks emotions and could have performed well. Ponvannan takes a cakewalk with his good performance.

Sai Ramani has racked up the sequences from various yesteryear movies that are based on double-act tales. The confusions due to identical looks, Good Vs Bad, God judging the baddie at last is so clichéd. Having projected ‘Suicide’ as a shocking twist during intermission point, Sai Ramani could have made the second half crisp and engrossing, but fails to hold the audiences’ attention due to predictable narration and unwanted tracks. But again, it’s Jeeva’s hilarious performance appealing to the attraction of audiences and he makes sure of entertaining to the core.

On the technical front, the film lacks perfection in almost all aspects. Manisharma replicates some of the tunes from his original Telugu albums that include ‘Stalin’, ‘Okadu’ and few others.

Cinematography and editing is done as required for the script.

‘Singam Puli’ as promoted by the producers is a commercial entertainer with nothing new in it. But if you’ve decided to kill your time for next hours, just go watch it.

What works:Jeeva, Santhanam, First Half

What doesn’t work:Second Half, Music, predictable screenplay

Verdict:100% commercial, No Logics

Production: Silver Line Film Factory

Direction: Sai Ramani

Star-casts: Jeeva, Divya Spandana, Honey Rose, Santhanam, Ponvannan, Kuyili and others

Music: Mani Sharma

Review by Richard Mahesh

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