'My Son Wanted Toy Story 3 to Win' – AR Rahman

When entire India was raising its prayers for A.R. Rahman to win the academy awards, A.R. Rahman’s son had a different name.

News 4-Mar-2011 1:12 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Madras Mozart A.R. Rahman has always been an admirer of best music and doesn’t miss to appreciate even a single one on any occasion. Recently in an interview, the academy award winner had mentioned that even music gratifies to the tastes of single person, the music is really great.

This year for the academy awards, when A.R. Rahman was into a tough contestation, he was sure that he wouldn’t be winning them. Over performing for the grand event, A.R. Rahman has said it was an unforgettable experience and it was a cherishing moment to share with Randy Newman (winner of academy awards for the best song ‘Toy Story 3’).

Rahman didn’t miss to mention that his son Ameen had a bet with him that it will be ‘Toy Story 3’ winning the awards and not ‘127 Hours’.

Finally, Ameen got what he wanted….

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