Win Home From Vijay TV

Vijay TV launches new show ‘Home Sweet Home’ hosted by Sathyaraj gives a big opportunity to win a ‘Home’ for contestants.

Features 3-Mar-2011 12:40 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

While most of the other TV Channels and other brands have organized ‘Win Home Contest’ based on tough competition, Vijay TV is all set to strike with a different show that will engage contestants in special games. Powered by Arun Excello, the show will be hosted by actor Sathyaraj. Two teams comprising of three family members each would compete against each other every week for the grand prize “a home”.

The rounds will comprise of some simple challenges that has to be accomplished by contestants within 60seconds. If unable to complete the task at prescribed time, the participants will be eliminated. Winner of each round will be awarded with cash prizes that ranges from Rs. 5,000 to 2Lakhs followed by a car and final biggie – A HOME.

If you’re guessing what could be the challenges to be undertaken by participants. Here it goes…

1. Poke - The participant and his partner have to stand in 10 feet distance. The borderline is not to be crossed by either of the participants. The participant throws the given balloons each at a time to his partner. The partner has to burst the balloons with the given needle.

2. Blow and Burst - The participants will have to blow and burst at least 6 balloons in 60 seconds.

3. Cups Topple - 10 paper cups will be placed on a flat platform.The participant will be given a balloon. He has to blow the balloon and topple the cups with the deflating air from the balloon. All 10 paper cups are to be toppled. The participant can blow the balloon and deflate as many times required within 60 sec.

‘New Hamam Home Sweet Home powered by Arun Excello’ starts from tomorrow (March 4) and will be aired on Friday –Saturday at 10pm only on Vijay TV.!

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