AR Rahman Not Disappointed With Oscars

A.R. Rahman was pretty sure that he wouldn’t win Oscars. So, there are no rooms for disappointments.

News 1-Mar-2011 11:14 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It was perhaps a little heartbreak for A.R. Rahman fans much before a month as we heard him saying, ‘I will not win Oscars this time and I have got much more than I anticipated in 2009’. Even then, the expectations were high amongst the fans and they were keeping their eagle eyes focused on this occasion of 83rd Academy Awards.

A.R. Rahman was shortlisted to perform the song ‘If I Rise’, which was a special attraction during the event.

The Madras Mozart applauded for Randy Newman, who won academy awards for his ‘Best Original Score’ (Toy Story 3). Soon after the grand awards ceremony, he didn’t miss to meet Randy Newman and congratulated him for his wonderful music.

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