Vivek Disappointed With Producers

Vivek is disappointed that the comedy actors doesn’t get importance in film posters.

News 23-Feb-2011 3:44 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Comedy actor Vivek is literally dashed down with his hopes that the comedy actors get a small space at the corner of film posters, which often becomes food for roadside cattle. The actor is pinning more hopes on his upcoming movie ‘Seedan’, in which he plays an important role. The actor has already streaked success with Dhanush in ‘Padikadhavan’ and ‘Uthamaputhiran’. ‘Seedan’ brings them together for the third time and the duo is quite confident of entertaining audiences to the core.

While speaking on this scenario of comedy actors, Vivek says, “Producers and filmmakers don’t fail to appreciate comedians during the film’s promotional events, but never make it a point of getting their faces on film posters.”

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