Aadu Puli

Nothing special

Reviews 21-Feb-2011 9:43 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Looks for sure, the commercial potboilers aren’t gonna have its end in Kollywood. When certain filmmakers are striving to take Tamil Cinema to the next level with their innovative approach, the rest aren’t willing to give up with masala movies as they believe it would earn best profits for the producers. Director Vijay Prakash comes up with the same idea as his ‘Aadu Puli’ doesn’t boast of any difference from hundreds of commercial movies.

It’s really boring to repeat the same stories in reviews over and again.

The film revolves around a happy family consisting of father Bhagyanathan (Prabhu), son Idhayakanni (Aadhi), who is named after MGR’s famous movie, mother (Anupama), sister, grandfather (Ravichandran) and grandmother (K.R. Vijaya) (Picture Perfect).

A happy-go-lucky by nature, Idhayakanni has no worries in life as he spends most of the time chilling out with his friends and playing pranks on girls. Then enters Anjali (Poorna) and they do instantly fall in love after the same procedure that is happening in Tamil Cinema since late 80s. When Anjali’s father Thilanayagam (Suresh) becomes a major hurdle for their relationship as he doesn’t want his daughter to marry a person from lower grade of society…

What unfolds next is the usual game of settling scores between the hero and villain with the insertion of songs and action sequences at equal intervals.

Walk into the theatres, 10minutes into the film; you’ll start directing the proceedings. Of course, you’re sure to have acquired the same style of narration over many movies.

What’s wrong with Aadhi? The actor was through a good start with ‘Mirugam’ followed by ‘Eeram’. Smug-bitten by commercial heroism, he is constantly choosing same scripts. He has the ability to pick up challenging roles and let’s hope the best from the actor in ‘Aravaan’. Being acclaimed as look alike Asin, Poorna seems to be taking more advantage as her mannerisms, body language and dialogue deliveries as she copycats her during many parts. Suresh as the baddie sleepwalks through his role as he had already donned similar characters in ‘Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai’ and ‘Aasal’.

Prabhu is as usual does the role of father efficiently and so are the rest of star-casts. The comedy doesn’t entertain the audiences.

The technical aspects of the movie aren’t up to perfection. The musical score by Sundar C Babu isn’t convincing. The young musician had a good spell of career with his previous movies, but this movie does not have a better song or background score.

‘Aadu Puli’ runs short of any special traits and it may cater to the tastes are audiences watching commercial cinema for the first time.

What works: Nothing

What doesn’t work: Stereotyped narrations, characterizations, music….

Verdict: Nothing special

Banner: Global Entertainment

Production: Michael Royappan

Direction: Vijay Prakash

Star-casts: Aadhi, Poorna, Prabhu, Suresh, Ravichandran, KR Vijaya and others

Music: Sundar C Babu

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