“I Am Always Thankful to God”, Says Super Star Rajnikanth

NDTV’s prestigious Entertainer of the Decade goes to Rajnikanth

News 16-Feb-2011 3:49 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Rajnikanth was awarded the Entertainer of the Decade award by the NDTV network. Every year the NDTV has been giving awards to various people in different fields. The highest award has been given to Rajnikanth for being the best entertainer in India for the last 10 years. NDTV chief Dr Prannoy Roy and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram gave away this prestigious award to Rajnikanth.

Prannoy Roy while speaking on this occasion said,” It is the most unforgettable experience for me to give this award to Rajnikanth. There is no one who has heaped success like Rajnikanth. It is not possible or even imagine to touch his success.”

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan while speaking about Rajnikanth said,” He has brought pride to India. He is the best actor in the world. Nobody can never touch his success.”

Actress Katrina Kaif while speaking said,” I am very proud that I am standing in the stage where Rajni is standing.”

Actress Vidhya Balan while speaking said,” My mother was keep on asking me whether it is real that I am also getting an award at the time Rajni is getting his award. Rajni is a rare person. He is the real superstar. He is our pride.”

Trisha who has also got the NDTV award for the best South Indian actress said,” I have not seen such a big artist like Rajnikanth in the whole world. I am really proud that I am an actress during his era.”

Rajni while speaking said,” The reason for me getting this award goes to my producers and directors. I am an instrument only. I am thankful to the God who guides and directs me.”

It is also pertinent to note that Rajni was awarded the best entertainer award in the year 2007 by NDTV.

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