Music Review - Seedan

‘Seedan’ has couple of good numbers while rest of the tracks doesn’t stick to our senses

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Subramaniam Siva, Dhanush and Dheena have a tremendous track record to boast off as their blockbuster movie ‘Thiruda Thirudi’ created a stupendous record. Produced by Amit Kalyanaraman under the banner name of Myth Productions, the film is a remake of Malayalam movie ‘Nandanam’ starring newcomer Krishna and Ananya in lead roles with Dhanush performing an extended cameo role. ‘Seedan’ is Dhanush’s 50th movie and this album has some enchanting numbers while most of the numbers would take more time to capture the listeners’ interest.

1. Munpari

Vocals: Shreya Ghosal

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

When you’ve Shreya Ghosal’s brand in a song, it’s a 50% guarantee of having the song at its best. Naturally, the song is not an exception as she glides mellifluously with her vocalism. Dheena brings the melody in his own pattern and Pa. Vijay’s lyrical lines are one of the USPs.

2. Valliyamma

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan, Chinna Ponnu

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

The song has typical Dheena style as the music director is well known for his ultimate strike on fast-beat numbers. Shankar Mahadevan does justice to his role and his combination with Chinna Ponnu creates the right feel of a folk number. We will have to wait and watch whether the song goes well with the visuals. If it does, it’s sure to be a grand fiesta for mass audiences.

3. Enadhu Uyirai

Vocals: Prasanna and Janaki Iyer

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Dheena tries his best on a melodious duet. But again, it doesn’t strike as an exceptional show. The music seems too normal and it’s just the voice of Prasanna and Janaki Iyer that deserves some appreciations. It has less chances of picking up listeners’ attention. Even the lyrical lines by Pa. Vijay don’t evoke the right feel.

4. Saravana Samayal

Vocals: Hariharan & Dhanush

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

One and only best song from the complete album…. Thanks to the creative ability of Dheena and Subramaniam Siva. It has catchy lyrics with a beautiful rendition by Hariharan. Dhanush’s lines between amidst is a special highlight. The lyrical lines are filled with whole lot of special tips for foods. Surely it will become a favorite song for female audiences.

5. Yadhumagiyae

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan and Kavitha Krishnamurthy

Lyrics: Yughabharathy

Dheena seems to have exerted his complete energy to try something and out of blue. The song doesn’t sound like Dheena’s pattern of work. There are some specialties in the song with more prominence laid on percussions and instrumentals parts. Shankar Mahadevan relocates on various octaves and Kavitha Krishnamurthy. Yughabharathy effortful lyrics give a big hand for the song.

6. Oru Naal Mattum...

Vocals: KS Chithra

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

The song doesn’t boast of any newness in the style with the instrumentals being ordinary and so is the basic tune. But it’s a special treat for Chinna Kuyil Chitra fans as she renders best on her part.

On the whole, ‘Seedan’ has couple of good numbers while rest of the tracks doesn’t stick to our senses. If the visuals are done with panache, the songs will gain favorable scenarios amongst the viewers.

Verdict: Passable on whole…

Banner: Myth Productions

Production: Amit Kalyanaraman

Direction: Subramaniam Siva

Star-casts: Krishna, Ananya, Suhasini Manirathnam, Sheela, Dhanush (extended cameo) and Vivek

Music: Dheena

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay and Yugabharathy

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