Yuddham Sei

A different attempt by Mysskin.

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Mysskin’s penchant taste for thrillers has been very evident with his yesteryear hit movie ‘Anjathey’ that gained him critical acclaims. The filmmaker is back with a similar thriller, but on a different treatment. ‘Yuddham Sei’ is a thriller flick set in backdrops of Chennai where young girls go missing and few body parts are found at public places.

Produced by AGS Entertainments, the film features Cheran as JK, CBCID officer ready to resign his job as his younger sister goes missing. But his higher officials guarantee him of finding his sister in turn they request him to take up the case. With few assistants by side and a favorite cop in team, JK commences his investigation unraveling the mystery fastidiously with an unexpected link of his missing sister.

Mysskin’s research into CBCID pattern of working is good at places, but the autopsy reports often delivered by Jayaprakash seems to be carrying traces of America’s most leading TV Series ‘CSI’ and psychotic means of tortures through electric saws are a direct lift from ‘SAW SERIES’. But when it comes down to whole concept: it blatantly reminiscences of Sasikumar’s ‘Easan’, including the style of climax.

Cheran looks too unapt for the role as he should have been at least brisk enough to walk down the lanes. The kind of facial expressions and his emotions are too low profiled. But his stunt sequences over the top of bridge near IT Park are stunning. Hats off to the stunt choreographer for his newfangled style of action sequences… Well, it’s more off Mysskin’s pattern that were prevalent in his previous films ‘Chitthiram Pesudhadi’ and ‘Anjathey’. It leaves us wondered on what’s so special about the others in investigation team, especially Deepa Shah. She is found running here and there with well-stitched male costumes. Y. Gee. Mahendran and Lakshmi have donned an exceptional role but Jayaprakash is the ultimate Olympian. A remarkable performance indeed! watch out for his final conversation with Cheran just as he says, ‘When god-fearing intellectual people start behaving the same way as the unlawful baddies, the consequences are sure to be worst.’ His context of comparing his name ‘Judas Iscariot’ with the traitor of same name in Bible is laudable.

The screenplay goes too sluggish at parts with most of the camera angles creating a sense of discontent amongst the audiences. The bird angle views and prolonged shots turn out to be a major constraint. Being labeled as a thriller-mystery, the very essential element lacks a lot with few surprising twists and turns in second half. The reason behind the disappearance of young girls becomes too ho-hum.

Music director K has done a hard work over delivering background in symphonic pattern. Sounds good at places and throws the ultimate feel of thrill during many occasions. Cinematography has been handled well, but the unwanted dark tones and such gloominess isn’t necessary for a ‘Thriller’ movie.

‘Yuddham Sei’ might have the tagline ‘Are you ready for the mystery?’, but indeed doesn’t live up to such expectations. But on whole is a good attempt by Mysskin for few experimental factors like avoiding songs (except the unwanted item number, heroines, unwanted tracks).

What works: Making style, background score, few thrills and surprises in screenplay, Jayaprakash.

What doesn’t work: Slow and lengthy at places, too many shots, clichéd reason behind suspense.

Verdict: A different attempt by Mysskin.

Banner: AGS Entertainments

Production: Kalpathy S Agoram, Kalpathy S Suresh, Kalpathy S Ganesh

Direction: Mysskin

Star-casts: Cheran, Deepa Shah, Y. Gee Mahendran, Lakshmi, Jayaprakash, Selva and others

Music: K

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