Not so convincing

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‘Pathinaaru’ (16) lets us draw finest assumptions that it’s a teenage romantic drama and deals with the hurdles encountered during the course. If you’ve felt so, your guesses are right to a certain extent. The film focalizes into love stories of two different eras as a story happens in real life while the other is narrated through a novel with the film’s title ‘Pathinaaru’.

Though the conceptualization of Sabapathy needs special mention, the film carries loads of amateurishness over narrative and technical arenas. Having made few moderate flicks like ‘VIP’, it’s somewhat disappointing to see the filmmaker coming up with such illogically unconvincing film.

The only solacing part is that the film’s duration of just 100minutes during which Shiva appears not more than 20minutes.

Shiva (Shiva) and Indu (Madhu Shalini) are deeply in love that is objected by her parents, especially her father (Abhishek). To make them realize that ‘Love’ is always a hallucination, Indu’s mother insists the young lovers to read the book ‘Pathinaaru’ and we’re taken into a different backdrop with the story revolving around a lad and girl in love from their childhood. With the novel ending on tragic note and soon as the real identities of lovers are exposed, Indu is perplexed over her affair with Shiva and decides to rethink about their relationship. Meanwhile Shiva sets out to discover something on the girl character that appears in novel only to meet a surprise.

Sabapathy’s screenplay is mediocre, but the significance of lead characters remains so dull. Shiva tries to travel on the same image and he doesn’t get serious for this role. Madhu Shalini looks cute and does what is required for the role. Abhishek is the show stopper as he sticks to the perfection with an effortless performance. Kasthoori in a cameo role is commendable.

The discontinuities are the biggest drawbacks of this movie while for the first complete half, there isn’t anything impressive to mention about. It looks like Shiva had to sign this film because he didn’t have better offers during his initial stage.

Technically, it’s just Yuvan Shankar Raja standing over the top while cinematography is so amateur. Looks like the cinematographer wanted to try different shots and kept canning with ‘Dutch Angle’ while abrupt cuts in editing keep appearing throughout the movie. Dialogues by Mahalingam is so realistic and engaging.

On the whole, ‘Pathinaaru’ lacks logics in many parts, but has some gripping moments during the final moments. But the ending could have been yet better.

What works: Basic story, shorter duration, Yuvan Shankar Raja, dialogues, Abhishek

What doesn’t work: Screenplay, Shiva, cinematography, exaggerated performance of supporting actors.

Verdict: Not so convincing

Banner: Fashion Movie Makers, V Creations

Production: A Sivasankar, Kalaipuli S Dhanu

Direction: Sabapathy

Star-casts: Shiva, Madhu Shalini, Abhishek, Kasthoori, Black Pandi and others

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Arurdoss

Dialogues: R.K. Mahalingam

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