Winners win it again

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Thanks to Vetrimaaran. The filmmaker openly lists the dozen of movie titles that inspired him for ‘Aadukalam’ during final credits. Yup! You’ll find the titles of ‘Amores Perros’ to Karthi’s ‘Paruthiveeran’ that makes things easier for the lookouts. The Rooster fight has been the heart and soul of world cinema filmmakers as it started nearly before a century with ‘Cock Fight – No.2’ that was released in 1894. Vetrimaaran has strained himself for a greater research pertaining to the cockfights, right from its origin to the present day status on how it leads to dangerous situations in down south regions.

To be precise, ‘Aadukalam’ doesn’t carry such an interesting storyline to boast upon. It’s about the egoistic clashes leading to misunderstandings. And then, things aren’t gonna be the same as unexpected situations occur across the life of Karuppu (Dhanush). He had no plans, worries and ambitions in his life. But major characters influence a big change.

As mentioned you cannot narrate the story in detail as it may sound so hackneyed as we’ve seen more flicks of the same genre. But Vetrimaaran leaves us awestricken with his mind-boggling narration. How many of the filmmakers had exhibited the heroes in low-profile, thereby letting ‘Roosters’ as heroes? This is really unique.

For the first time, one could experience blows of whistles and thundering applause for the ‘Rooster fight’ sequences. Hats off to Vetrimaaran for crafting an intense drama involving these traits…
The filmmaker follows the narrative structure of ‘Polladhavan’ with ‘Aadukalam’ as the film opens with climax and later shifts to flashback.

Right on the title credits, Vetri introduce you to the different world of Madurai, where there are no rooms for usual significance like thick-bearded youngsters with sickles in hand. It depicts the town in a different way. If your assumptions were that the film has loads of violence and bloodshed due to the nativity of Madurai, then your presumptions are wrong. It gives a new value of relationships, the two-timers and romance.

Dhanush leaps to the next level of his career for his commendable performance.
The actor might have had impressed us with his exaggerated larger than life roles in ‘Kadhal Kondain’, ‘Pudhupettai’. But Vetrimaaran showed him in different lights with ‘Polladhavan’ as an ordinary youngster in Chennai. This time, he shapes him differently as a typical Madurai guy. His expressions in particular sequences are so matured. His dialogues with Taapsee after death of his mother are brilliant and climax portions as well. Taapsee as an Anglo-Indian girl lives under the skin of her characterization. Really wondering why Kishore wears a wig when his trademark looks as a bald person itself has gained him attention? Why did Vetrimaaran choose Samuthirakkani to dub for the actor when his voice again is another brand? It doesn’t look like Jaya Balan has done his first film. His performance is remarkable and his characterization is trenchant as he gives major twist in the tale.

Technically the film is overstepping as cinematography and other technical departments have done a great job. Musical score by G.V. Prakash is the biggest asset of this movie. Both the songs and backgrounds are so riveting as it enhances the visual feel. The songs ‘Yaathe Yaathe’ and ‘Otha Sollala’ turns to be the festive moments of the film as audiences are sure to go gaga over Dhanush’s dance.

Vetrimaaran’s screenplay is so exceptional as the proceedings go unpredictable in second half till the climax. The film will be a sure-footed winner across all centres for its new theme and perfect narration. Particularly it would become an instant in Southern regions while the best promotional campaigns will help it achieve same levels in cities as well.

What works: Dhanush, Screenplay, Treatment of an offbeat theme in a commercial way, characterizations, music, cinematography, and unpredictable second half....

What doesn’t work:Lengthy first half, repeated sequence of Rooster fight

Verdict: Winners win it again

Banner: Sun Pictures

Production: Kalanidhi Maaran

Direction: Vetrimaaran

Star-casts: Dhanush, Taapsee, Kishore and others

Music: G.V. Prakash

Cinematography: R. Selvaraj

Editing: Kishore

Art: Jacky

Dialogues: Vikram, Vetrimaaran

Stunts: Rambo Rajkumar, Rajashekar

Choreography: Dinesh

Lyrics: Jaya Balan, Snegan, Yugabharathy, Ekadasi, Yogi B

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