Haasan's Inspiration for Reverse Mode 'Neela Vaanam’ Song

Kamal Haasan has replicated the reverse narration in ‘Neela Vaanam’ song from English album ‘Cold Play’.

News 14-Jan-2011 2:05 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Amongst all the songs penned by Kamal Haasan in Manmadhan Ambu, ‘Neela Vaanam’ turned to be the cherry-pick due to its poignant lyrics while the visuals on creative aspects won appreciations for the actor. But now, the original source of inspiration seems to be drawn from famous English album ‘Cold Play’.

The album has singer moving in reverse mode from a house to the hillside region where a girl is found dead on the grasses. The video goes in reverse mode as the girl and shattered glass on the ground are getting back to the normal situation and are driving on a highway road until a Jumbo sized car crosses them.

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