Rocket Raja vs Rocket Raja

‘Don’t clash with Nadar Community’ – The slogans were raised by the community people this morning before Karthi’s house

News 12-Jan-2011 4:32 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Publicity mongers often yearn for their own publicities, especially with the films as they do it all for the sake of hitting headlines. Here comes such an instance with Karthi’s Pongal release ‘Siruthai’. The film has Karthi playing dual roles amongst which one of the character is named as ‘Rocket Raja’, a petty thief. The film’s teaser showcases this character showered with cursing words for his misdeeds.

It seems to have the hurt a particular group of people, as they feel that their leader’s name ‘Rocket Raja’ has been spoiled with such depiction.

This morning, the members of the group thronged outside Karthi’s residence and started protesting. Later they were detained by the police and were said to vacate the area.

But we are unsure whether the person carries the same name ‘Rocket Raja’ in his certificates or there any certifications for his renaming with prefix ‘Rocket’.

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