'I Struggled for 13 Years, but Learned a Lot’ – Actor Vimal

Right on the way of striking for a hat-trick spell, actor Vimal opens up on his days of ‘Koothupattarai’ and films.

News 11-Jan-2011 12:18 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Actor Vimal doesn’t strain himself in exaggerating with things, but has a distinct directness of what the fact is. The actor might be just 2-films old, but has a vast experience for having been a part of Koothupattarai nearly for 12 years.

Says Vimal: ‘I learned lots of values in ‘Koothupattarai’ as my mentor trained me to know each and everything around. Actors doesn’t mean they should be concerned merely about their job, but about other departments as well. We used to prepare our food, if the cook was absent and we would design the sets and erect them on backdrops by ourselves. If you’re a manager in an office, you’ve got to learn even the job nature of a peon and cashier.’

That's an outstanding motto Vimal.

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