The Bridge-Maker of 'Siruthai'

Director Shiva thanks appreciates art director Rajeevan’s magniloquent set work of bridge at 300ft for ‘Siruthai’

News 11-Jan-2011 9:26 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Filmmaker Shiva might have paved his successful way in Tollywood with his couple of blockbusters ‘Shouryam’ and ‘Shankam’, but he feels proud to present his work in mother tongue ‘Tamil’. Cinematographer-turned-filmmaker Shiva makes his debut directorial in Tamil film industry through the movie ‘Siruthai’. Shiva is cool and composed as he feels that the film has 100% entertainment for the audiences.

Ask him about the highlighting traits of technical department and he cannot stop singing praises of cinematographer Velraj and art director Rajeevan.

Says Shiva: ‘I have been sharing a great friendship with Rajeevan over for a long period of time. He has done a terrific job with this flick erecting a bridge at 300ft. We never cared to take risk while shooting upon the bridge as he had more faith upon Rajeevan’s substantial designing and nothing else. The stunt sequence shot over this bridge during climax will be one of the biggest highlights in ‘Siruthai’.

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