‘Manmadhan Ambu’ is inspired ‘Romance on High Seas’

Kamal Haasan’s ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ has the plot inspired from 1948 Hollywood classic comedy ‘Romance on High Seas’.

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Kamal Haasan’s inspiration of Hollywood movies dates back to decades as his film ‘Devar Magan’ drew from Marlon Brando’s ‘The Godfather’. Almost all the films of Kamal Haasan have had its plot lifted from Hollywood movies that includes:

‘Anbe Sivam’ – ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’

‘Thenali’ – What’s about Bob?

Virumaandi – Life of Davi Gale (Plot), Rashomon (Screenplay)

Avvai Shanmugi - Mrs.Doubt Fire

‘Manmadhan Ambu’ that is loosely based on ‘Romance on High Seas’ that Jack Carson, Janis Paige and Doris Day in lead roles. The film revolves around a high profiled couple. A beautiful wife Elvira Kent doubts on her husband that he is flirting with other women. When he doesn’t accept her idea of joining the cruise voyage, she hatches some plans. She appoints Georgia Garrett, a club singer to pose like her and rents a room in hotel near house to be vigilant on her husband. But the biggest twist in the tale occurs when her husband has already hired a detective named Peter Virgil to spy on his wife. However Peter is unable to realize that Georgia isn’t Mrs. Ken and starts reporting to husband about her activities.

Kamal Haasan makes some changes over the characterization and the screenplay goes different with a stunning flashback that is inspired from ‘21Grams’ that connects parallel stories through an accident.

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