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A.R. Rahman – Modesty, Passion and Honesty

News 6-Jan-2011 12:10 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The prestigious icon ‘Madras Mozart’ celebrates his 44th birthday.

Modesty, Dedication, Passion, submissive to God’s plans – such superlative adjectives define our universal hero – A.R. Rahman. 20 years of unbeatable track record, multi-dimensional genres of music from spiritual Kawalis to the electrifying techno, he has accomplished with every touch of chords.

Starting off with ‘Roja’, his first love there hasn’t been turning back for A.R. Rahman as accolades and international recognitions spangled his creativities.

He opened the gates of Hollywood for Indian Cinema, especially Kollywood as the world film industry has turned its focus towards Tamil movies.

Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA and almost a dozen of international recognition for his ‘Slumdog Millionaire’… The album still stands out at No.1 in France, Switzerland, Australia and within Top 10 in UK and USA.

Danny Boyle defines him as a straightforward, down-to-earth and a man of simplicity, but established his powerful strength through the music.

Let us convey our heartfelt praises to A.R. Rahman for his contribution to the musical genius and wish him more success in 2011. Especially to win ‘Oscar Awards’ and other international accolades for his outstanding work in ‘127 Hours’…

However the wizard feels that hearing such wonderful praises from American mountaineer Aron Ralston as he said, ““If only I had your soundtrack in the Canyon, I could’ve lasted another 127 hours.”

A.R. Rahman spent his birthday in London as he was busy there launching ‘127 Hours’ album’.

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