Another title for Perarasu

Perarasu added music direction to his name card

News 4-Jan-2011 12:01 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Perarasu who has added story, screenplay, dialogue, songs and direction to his name card has added music direction also. He is now composing for his movie 'Tiruthani'.

Perarasu who is now shooting for the songs in the Binny mill location said, 'I do generally add my own music to my lyrics. For Thiruthani also when I presented the lyrics to the producer with my own music, he appreciated and confirmed me as the music director also. Now I have finished composing for five songs'. 'No I do not have any prior experience and learning of music.' he confirmed.

The Bharath, Sunaina starrer Thiruthani is on the same Perarasu style of commercial entertainer.

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