'Kaavalan' Close To 400/400

Sakthi Chidambaram has managed to get more screens for Vijay’s ‘Kaavalan’.

News 3-Jan-2011 1:24 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Till last week, the hopes were literally bleak as Sakthi Chidambaram couldn’t get enough screens for releasing the film on Pongal. The never-ending disputes between actor Vijay and theatre owners-distributors were the reason behind such confusions.

However Sakthi Chidambaram exerted his uttermost influence to turn the situations favorable. Now we hear that the producer has managed to get more theatres comparatively three times more than the rate of previous week.

Last week, it was evident with trade reports that only 70 theatres have been allocated and now this seems to be a good improvement.

Meanwhile actor Vijay is keeping his fingers crossed for he strongly believes ‘Kaavalan’ will be a delicious treat for the family audiences.

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