Music Review - Siruthai

Siruthai’ has a mix of melody and fast beat numbers.

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Streaking success with Yuvan Shankar Raja and G.V. Prakash, Karthi has joined hands with Vidhyasagar for the first time. ‘Siruthai’ has a mix of melody and fast beat numbers.

1. Naan Romba Romba Nalla

Vocals: Ranjith

Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

The song will be an instant hit as it grasps into our senses for the first time we hear it. The song boasts of commercial ingredients well tailored for the subject. The title song carries the trademark style of ‘Jinthak Thak Thak’ as it was in original version and Kannada remake. The song has a peppy beat with catchy lines. Ranjith has rendered the song with high energy levels.

2. Rakkamma Rakku….

Singers: Ranjith, Suchitra & Roshan

Lyrics: Pa Vijay
Remember ‘Ithandi Keppakilange’ from ‘Dhool’. The complete song has the same repetition throughout the song. The singers Ranjith, Suchitra and Roshan try enhancing the song’s feel. But it remains passable on whole. It may take some more time for the song to do well and ‘Luck’ is in the visual outputs.

3. Azhaga Poranthuputa

Singers: Malathy Laxman & Priyadharshini

Lyrics: Viveka

This song is precisely for the ardent fans of Meghna Naidu. Again, the ‘Kuthu’ song lacks what it should actually carry. Maybe, filmmaker Shiva and music director Vidhyasagar have conceptualized of something different as it may do greater rounds with continuous airings on FM Stations.

4. Aararo Aariraro (Thalattu)

Singers: Srivadhini

Lyrics: Arivumathy

Though it’s a theme song with a shorter duration, it carries riveting theme in lyrics with a mellisonant tune. It maybe a cradlesong for the baby in the film, but it’s such an emotional song that keeps us transfixed by its spell. Good work by Pa. Vijay, Vidhyasagar and Srivadhini.

5. Chellam Vaada Chellam

Vocals: Udit Narayanan, Charmukhi

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

The splendid melody by Udit Narayanan and Charmukhi sounds perfect for a duet number. Shot across the exotic locales of Mauritius. It’s sure to be a big treat for the listeners as Vidhyasagar includes few innovative traits like the English lyrics that appear in between the lines.

On the whole, ‘Siruthai’ songs have 3 tracks ‘Naan Nalla’, ‘Vaada Chellam’ and ‘Thalattu’ that pick your interests for the first itself. Couple of other tracks is sure to gain its momentum by next few weeks.

Verdict: Grab your copy

Banner: Studio Green

Production: K.E. Gnanavel Raja

Direction: Shiva

Star-casts: Karthi, Thamannah, Santhanam and others

Music: Vidhyasagar

Cinematography: Vel Rajan

Editing: V.T. Vijayan

Lyrics: Arivumathi, Na. Muthukumar, Pa. Vijay, Vivega

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