5 Reasons Why Ajith Kumar Will Sign 'Chandramukhi-2'

we have certain reasons on why he’ll sign this project

News 27-Dec-2010 9:36 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

With much speculations running high on airs about Ajith Kumar’s decision of signing ‘Chandramukhi-2’, we have certain reasons on why he’ll sign this project.

1. The film will have Ajith Kumar playing the role of Rajnikanth’s assistant. Since Rajnikanth is busy attending a world conference in USA, he assigns Ajith Kumar to take care of an issue.

2. Sivaji Productions and Ajith Kumar share a good rapport over the years. In fact, sources said that the actor promised of doing a film for Sivaji Productions reducing his remuneration as ‘Aasal’ wasn’t up to the expectations.

3. Superstar Rajnikanth convinced Venkatesh to accept this role in Telugu. Well, he personally requested Ajith Kumar to play the lead role in Tamil.

4. Ajith Kumar has never played such role over the years. The film hardly has punch dialogues, fight sequences.

5. Ajith Kumar always prefers to have a check on limits of sharing onscreen chemistry with heroines. Although the film has 5 heroines, no one is gonna pair with him.

It looks like most of them are favorable for Ajith Kumar and on considering such factors, he may sign this project.

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