Student Dhanush, Class Teacher Hari

     Dhanush says that this has been the feeling from Day 1 of ‘Vengai’ shooting

News 23-Dec-2010 2:25 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Dhanush is known for his dedication and at the same time to be enjoyable on the shooting sets. But when it comes to the shooting of Hari’s film, the director expects strict discipline and he doesn’t want his actors to even remain awake after shooting hours at night. This is because he feels that such insomniac effects will show on actors when they face lens.

Hari manages to start the shooting by 6 a.m. and end by evening 6. Dhanush tweets saying that he is feeling like old age memories of school, where the timings used to be a punctual factor.

‘Vengai’ starring Dhanush, Tamanah in lead roles is fast rolling in the backdrops of Karaikkudi.

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