Sasikumar's Spoof on Silambarasan?

Sasikumar’s ‘Easan’ has a discotheque sequence where an actor mimics like Silambarasan.

News 18-Dec-2010 2:46 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Looks like Sasikumar and his entire team had to repeatedly visit the discotheques and pubs for gaining good idea for ‘Easan’. During a particular sequence, an actor like character (face not shown properly) appears with his heroine in discotheques. The voice is mimicked exactly as Silambarasan that goes more blatant amongst the audiences.

Sasikumar has related more life-real characters into his film that goes with Vijay Mallya as well. The sequence of IPL matches where beautiful girls surround him, sipping the drinks always, listing out his new branch of companies.

When Sasikumar was asked on these ideas, the filmmaker mentions that he has not based his characters on these real life characters.

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