Shankar 4 Years After Superstar Rajnikanth

Director Shankar has won CNN-IBN ‘Indian of the Year Award’ in Entertainment category.

News 17-Dec-2010 1:07 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Soon after the release of ‘Sivaji’, it was Superstar Rajnikanth who was honored as ‘Indian of the Year’ for his spectacular charisma that won the hearts of globe. Now 4 years later, it’s director Shankar fetching the same honor. The tremendous success of ‘Enthiran’ across the global box office has opened the doors of Hollywood for our technicians and actors now.

Listed amongst Top 50 films of 2010 by International Movie Data Base (IMDB), the film has won the critical acclaims of actors and technicians from Hollywood and Bollywood including the famous Oliver Stone.

Shankar will now receive the award of ‘Best Indian Award’ by CNN-IBN on December 22.

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