Watch it for Sasikumar’s touch

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Following the grand success of ‘Subramaniapuram’, Sasikumar takes on wielding megaphone in ‘Eesan’, a film a far different from his debut directorial. This film focuses into core of the city life of Chennai and how it influences the lives of people, both in terms of good and evil.

Sasikumar seems to have had a big research of Chennai lifestyle, which indeed has been portrayed to an estimable magnitude.

The very opening of the film throws an absolute shock where two youngsters harass a girl resulting in her death. The film centers on group of friends Vinod, Chezhian (Vaibhav) and his friends partying all the time. Hailing from rich family background, they have no worries to think off. Chezhian is the only son of politician Deva Nayagam (A.L. Azhagappan), who uses his political influences in business arenas. Chezhian falls in love at the first sight with a Kannada girl Reshma (Aparna), daughter of India’s most happening tycoon Shivaraj Hegde (inspired from Vijaya Malaya). When the parents fix their marriage, things likely take a turn into unexpected confusions as Chezhian goes missing and his friend Vinod hit by accident dies due to the wrong medicines prescribed lasts his breath in the hospital. The mystery starts taking its round as the name ‘Eesan’ appears during the intermission. Assistant Commissioner Sangayya (Samuthirakkani) sets out to trap the hi-tech culprit, who is responsible for these mishaps.

Sasikumar is almost a Madhur Bhandarkar here. The Bollywood filmmaker is far-famed for his realistic portrayal of any subjects he handles.
Completely dissimilar from his previous film ‘Subramaniapuram’, Sasi establishes his prominence in a different way. The night life of various social strata in Chennai is depicted with pragmatic touch. At the other end, the filmmaker gets in for portraying the cold war between politicians and businessmen and how they use ‘marriage’ as a business deal. The growth of cyber space in Chennai and its influence on youngsters is a real fact. Watch out for the sequence where a kid comments on the old model gun that Samuthirakkani has. Dialogues are yet another plus in this film as most of them win the claps. NAAN VESHAM KUDICHE SAAVALA, IVANUNGA ADICHA SAAVA PORAEN blatantly wins the standing ovation. The main twist in the tale of ‘Eesan’ character is a special surprise.

On the flip side, the film’s length turns out to be a drawback as it a running duration of approximately 2Hrs.50mins. The flashback sequence in the second half has nothing special to offer and if its length was slightly trimmed, it would have been better. It’s because the thrill moments begin soon after the intermission and gains the momentum. But the lengthy flashback acts as the speed breaker. Maybe the elite group of audiences will appreciate the lifestyle of Chennai shown in first half (80mins) while for others they may like the actual story starts only after intermission. Sasikumar hasn’t invented any new thoughts of factors in the main plot as lots of films have been made on a person’s life being changed in city of Chennai.

Samuthirakkani is tremendous as he reflects much of the real life behaviors and mannerisms of a real life police. For those, who were irked by the larger-than-life role cops hunting down 100 terrorists at the same time, here is something different for you all. His body language and dialogue deliveries are yet other highlights. Producer A.L. Azhagappan will have some offers coming up on his way, especially for the villainous character. Abhinaya does her best to gain appreciations and excels with her portions while Vaibhav, Aparna and others have done as directed. Above all, a newcomer gets finest scope, who indeed is the film’s protagonist.

Background score by James Vasanth is appreciable and the song ‘Jilla Vittu’ is the cherry-pick. It is sure to hold high places in the league of ‘Vaalameenu’ and ‘Katthala Kannaale’. The song has been choreographed in a different way. Kathir’s cinematography inspired from various world cinemas is spectacular. The placement of camera angles is outstanding.

Sasikumar’s new attempt with ‘Eesan’ works out to a certain again. But in simple terms, it’s again a tale of vengeance sought, but in different dimension.

What works: Direction, Cinematography, Performance of all stars, Samuthirakkani, Editing, ‘Jilla Vittu’ song and Dialogues.

What doesn’t work: Lengthy film, unwanted sequence in flashback (a docu-drama of Village festival again), songs and clichéd concept.

Verdict: Watch it for Sasikumar’s touch

Banner: Company Productions

Production: Sasikumar

Direction: Sasikumar

Star-casts: Samuthirakkani, A.L. Azhagappan, Abhinaya, Vaibhav, Aparna and others

Music: James Vasanthan

Cinematography: Kathir

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