Music Review - Kaavalan

Music Review - Kaavalan

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Vijay’s breakthrough into a new arena is likely to win the laurels. Following some misfortunate projects, the actor has decided to get into a new territory. Yeah! It’s is almost like revisiting the era of Vijay’s ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’ and ‘Friends’. Joining hands with Siddique after the grand success of ‘Friends’, it’s time for the Vijay’s fans to celebrate. The songs by Vidhyasagar comprises of different genres, which sets to be an unusual treat for the fans.

1.Vinnai Kaapan

Vocals: Tippu, Swetha

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

A complete folk based song with some mass appeal. Vijay seems to have backed off from the motifs of having a hero-oriented number. ‘Vinnai Kaapan’ holds special mention for Pa. Vijay’s appealing lyrics. It dates back to the yesteryear numbers that were churned out by Maestro Ilayaraja. It’s a village festival song with Tippu and rendering their vocalisms with an absolute feel of festive celebration. Pa. Vijay gives an opening line of praises to God that starts with ‘Vinnai Kaapan’.

2.Sada Sada

Vocals: Karthik

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Cherry-pick of this album as the lyrics are fast-flowing that revolves around a young man’s search of the girl he is anxious to meet. The eagerly desirous emotions are very well portrayed into this number. The beats and fill-ins are additional attractions of this album with a symphonic string arrangement in the interlude. A perfect song well tailored for Vijay.


Vocals: KK, Rita

Lyrics: Kabilan

The song boasts of a creative rhetorically writing of lyrics by Kabilan. It lays an impact of feel-good love song. Vidhyasagar ensures of having prominence for the voices while instrumentals have its dominance during BGM portions. The very beginning note of music in prelude throws an appealing factor pulling us into the song.

4.Yaaradu Yaaradu

Vocals: Karthik, Suchitra

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Karthi’s previous number ‘Sada Sada’ goes much on pars with this song as the nature is again the same. The protagonist’s search of his sweetheart continues as he expresses his curiousness to meet her. The ingoing emotions of his soul are narrated in lines by Yugabharathi. Vidhyasagar underplays on the musical parts as they remain so mild while Karthik throws a best spell with crystal-clear clarity over the lines.

5.Step Step

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Megha

Lyrics: Viveka

Completely different from the previous numbers, Vidhyasagar takes on with ‘Salsa’ styled duet number. This turns to be the only disappointment as the track lacks some spirit with more domination of loud instruments. Benny Dayal and Megha again are another attribute that doesn’t make the song catchier.

When it comes to marking the final verdict, ‘Kaavalan’ has 4 perfect songs that are sure to haunt the fans with fever while ‘Step Step’ may have some favorable results with the dance of Vijay and Asin. Kudoses to Vidhyasagar, for an impressive job.

Verdict: A special and different treat from Vijay

Production: Sakthi Chidambaram, Ramesh Babu

Direction: Siddique

Star-casts: Vijay, Asin, Vadivelu, Raj Kiran, Roja and others

Music: Vidhyasagar

Lyrics:Pa. Vijay,Yugabharathi, Kabilan, Viveka

Vocals: Tippu, Swetha, karthik, Suchitra, Benny Dayal, Megha, KK, Rita

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