5 Releases and No Hits

Last Friday (Dec 10), 5 films were released and none of them proved to be a winner in the race.

News 16-Dec-2010 10:22 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

December 10 boasted of 5 releases – Sanikizhamai Saayangalam 5 Mani, Shaam’s ‘Agam Puram’, Vijayakanth’s ‘Virudhagiri’, K Bhagyaraj’s ‘Siddhu +2, 1st Attempt’ and Aadhi-Meera Nandan starrer ‘Ayyanar’. Regrettably, none of the films have won the favorable reviews and responses.

Captain Vijayakanth’s ‘Virudhagiri’ had a better opening for the star-value, but dropped down with the crowd rates from Monday. Aadhi’s ‘Ayyanar’ had a delayed release as most of the theatres didn’t have the first couple of shows on Friday due to some issues.

K. Bhagyaraj’s ‘Siddhu +2, 1st Attempt’ was the only flick that kept the expectations high patently because of the ace screenwriter making his comeback. But again, the audiences were nowhere away from disappointments. Shaam’s ‘Agam Puram’ was banned in few theatres and was released in many theatres on Sunday again. Alas! It wasn’t an exception as the results were same as the other releases.

With Sasikumar’s ‘Easan’ and Kamal Haasan’s ‘Manmadhan Ambu’ hitting screens in the next couple of weeks, it’s obvious that these films will be moved out of theatres.

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