Experiment On Your Own

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Debutant Raja Mithran attempts of making an usual family-drama, vengeance seeking youngster in a different style with some suspenseful acts in the screenplay. But how far it is engaging is something you’ll have to watch it over the screens.

Aadhi seems to be clear on his motives: To establish himself as a mass hero. Well, he should have been feeling tiresome of playing some unique roles like rustic ruffian in Mirugam and a stylish police officer in Eeram. It looks like the actor and filmmaker had forcibly included certain commercial elements.

Prabhakar aka Prabha (Aadhi) is found burying dead body of his younger brother Saravanan (Vishnu Priyan of ‘Ninaithale Inikkum’). The flashback sequence of 2 years back in time explores the unending bickering between Prabha and Saravanan. Prabha awaits his job in Railways through Sports quota and goes over the top of world. But an unexpected twist in the tale urges him to choose a wrong way.

Aadhi’s performance level is perfect. The actor tries expressing his new shades as a commercial mass hero.
We come across the traits of Vijay’s films as Aadhi smashes down 15 men at the same time, jumps across the floors opposing gravity law and so on. His emoting attributes needs special mention. Watch through his irresistible expressions of emotional outburst during the climax sequences. Vishnu Priyan made his debut in ‘Ninaithale Inikkum’, in which he didn’t find a good scope for himself. However in this film, he has used the opportunity to the fullest. Meera Nandan appears merely for the need that the hero needs a girlfriend. When it comes to analyzing her role in this film, there is nothing to mention about. Jayaprakash should choose some different roles apart from playing the father’s role over and again.

Thamman’s songs are nowhere near to his composition of ‘Eeram’. The background score are so loud in places. Sethu Sriram offers visual treat to the audiences with his establishment of shots in Kumbakonam district.

Director Raja Mithran completely misses out logics in this film, which leads to undeniable drawbacks. The first thing is that a small note on present and flashback should have been displayed as it confuses us. All that we see is a small note ‘Before 2 years in Kumbakonam’ during the beginning of show. Well for the complete show, one would really wonder on distinguishing between the time frames. The police investigation drama is completely amateurish as there are continuities between their proceedings.

‘Ayyanar’ fails to hold the attention of audiences with whole lot of confusing tracks in the screenplay and missing of logics.

What works: Aadhi, first 15mins

What doesn’t work: Rest of the film, screenplay, music, logics missing and clichéd tale

Verdict: Experiment On Your Own

Banner: Sri Rajalakshmi Movie Makers

Production: P.L. Thenappan

Direction: Raja Mithran

Star-casts: Aadhi, Meera Nandan, Vishnu Priyan, Santhanam, Jayaprakash and others

Music: Thamman S

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