AR Rahman Wins More Than an Oscar

Aron Ralston’s heart-warming letter to A.R. Rahman is something bigger than an Oscar.

News 13-Dec-2010 9:48 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

With every fan of A.R. Rahman curiously awaiting the Madras Mozart’s nomination in Oscars, it is a special surprise for everyone including AR himself. The film ‘127’ directed by Danny Boyle is based on the novel penned by Aron Ralston.

Aron Ralston was the mountaineer, who was nabbed by the fate for 5 days in canyon and later made a history with his ‘DECISION TO LIVE’. Soon after watching the movie, the legend went irresistible over singing praises of A.R. Rahman.

The letter he has penned seems to be much more prestigious than anything. At the moment, A.R. Rahman is over the top of cloud with such a heart-melting praises of Aron Ralston as he says, “If your music was there, I would have stayed for another 127 Hours in the canyon.”

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