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Taking a step ahead of other political parties, Captain Vijayakanth commences his propaganda by delivering his agendas in ‘Virudhagiri’. Having wielded megaphone for the first time, Vijayakanth has carefully penned a script and screenplay that suits his image. But again, following the continuous replicas of Hollywood and foreign films in Sundar C’s ‘Nagaram’ and Mysskin’s ‘Kikujiro’, ‘Virudhagiri’ joins the bandwagon. The plot has been lifted from Hollywood thriller ‘Taken’, which has been copycatted several times in Tamil Cinema.

But Vijayakanth gets into a best job of remaking it accordingly by adding some society based issues happening at present across the World.

The film opens with Virudhagiri (Vijayakanth), a police officer accomplishing his mission of trapping terrorists in a foreign country. On his return to Chennai, he is assigned with the protocol of drawing solutions to the attack of Indian students in Australia. On the parallel track, he gets into another task of unraveling the mystery behind disappearance of transgenders in Tamil Nadu. He is blown out of waters to witness the macabre killings of transgenders for exporting their organs to foreign countries. Virudhagiri brings the politicians and policemen involved in this conniving activity before the light of justice. But when he believes the mission is completed, he is appalled to hear that his nephew (Madhuri Idaki) is kidnapped in Australia. Virudhagiri is left with no clues other than the voice identifications of one of the kidnappers.

Captain Vijayakanth has handled every part of this film scrupulously. Though there are usual Vijayakanth stuffs as the spoofs are played by comedians, this film gets on with a low-profiled style. The opening fight sequence itself speaks of such qualities. But again, it is really irking to hear the protagonist himself on self-appraisals and the characters patting his shoulders vigilantly for his heroism. Things turn to be unbearable after certain extent as we tend to hear the same things over and again. Just imagine a man walking into the territories of Albanian drug lords and projecting his demo reel through boastings. There is nothing to mention about other performers as Vijayakanth is the one and only appearing throughout the film with his domination.

Sundar C Babu’s songs are disappointing. The music director has given some good numbers before in ‘Chitthiram Pesudhadi’ and ‘Nadodigal’. But this album has tracks that are used for the promotions of political parties in media channels and roadside loudspeakers.

The complete second half has been replicated from Hollywood movie ‘Taken’. The only difference he has projected is the Indian students being victimized through the kidnappings. We request Vijayakanth to undergo a clear research of problems related to Indian students in Australia.

On the whole, ‘Virudhagiri’ is almost like a home-video promoting the actor and his political plans. This is only for his fans while for the rest it’s their own choice to watch it or not.

What works: Dialogues on present political system, No heroines and comedy tracks.

What doesn’t work: Screenplay in second half, Music…

Verdict: Only for Vijayakanth fans

Banner: Captain Cine Creations

Production: L.K. Sudeesh

Direction: Captain Vijayakanth

Star-casts: Vijayakanth, Madhuri Idaki, Meenakshi, Mansoor Ali Khan, Arun Pandian and others

Music: Sundar C Babu

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