Siddhu Plus 2

Watch it if you prefer

Reviews 14-Dec-2010 12:35 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Governed by conventional formulas, ‘Siddhu +2, 1st Attempt’ proves nowhere different from usual potboilers. The film was promoted on the lines of ‘Family Entertainer’ and K. Bhagyaraj patently goes unjust to such words. The filmmaker-screenwriter’s formula of storytelling has won him acclaims across the universal audiences for many years. But this time, he has strictly quashed towards ‘double entendres’ factor that draws squirming faces from audiences. How does the auteur expect for a good reception from family audiences? Even the youth cohorts would go galled over such attributes.

The film revolves around Siddhu (Santhanoo) and Pavithra (Chandini), who have bolted out from their houses after failing in +2 examinations and come across each other at Chennai Railway Station (what a coincidence?). Apart from this thin line of synopsis, there is nothing to carry ahead as you can predict rest of the proceedings.

The film goes unamusing after a certain extent as there too many double entendres. How does Bhagyaraj expect the family audiences to watch this film? Having ennobled as such an intellectual filmmaker over the ages, it’s a big letdown. His previous film ‘Paarijaatham’ had something really to boast of a finest tale with more interesting moments. This kind of youthful movie is too outdated and K. Bhagyaraj picks it at the wrong time.

Santhanoo touches the surpassing levels over the dance sequences and with performances as well. His cute looks and bubbly nature is well portrayed. At the moment, he can afford to perform such movies as it would be everyone’s piece of cake at their initial stages. Newcomer Chandini is too doubtful throughout the film. The girl surely needs proper guidance in acting. She goes over reactive in places. Ganja Karuppu as usual sticks to his same level of performance. Characterizations of pathetic sidekicks have been a part of commercial filmmakers and we cannot avoid it.

Bhagyaraj has stressed very well on the hardships occurring in the lives of teenagers for academic examinations. But he could have traveled in this specific line trivializing the youthful quotients to a certain degree. The second half is too time-worn as with the scenes involving protagonist walking into the girl’s house to win the hearts of her family members.

Dharan’s spells an impressive shot with his songs. The background score on Lekha Sonaton is too odd. Listen to the background pieces of symphonies and ad film music that spoils the visual aspects in many places. Cinematography by Raasamathy is extraordinary as he carries off with the same efforts exerted in ‘Sakkarakatti’.

‘Siddhu +2, 1st Attempt’ would have been a decorous entertainer if Bhagyaraj had avoided ‘double entendres’ that are too awkward and focused into the screenplay.

What works: Santhanoo, Music, Cinematography,

What doesn’t work: Screenplay, Chandini, too old treatment

Verdict: Watch it if you prefer

Production: Moser Baer, KBR Productions

Direction: K. Bhagyaraj

Star-casts: Santhanoo, Chandini, Ganja Karuppu, Koushala Rajesh, Seetha, Thalaivasal Vijay, Seema and many others.

Music: Dharan

Cinematography: Raasamathy

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