Sanikizhamai Sayangalam 5 Mani

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Reviews 9-Dec-2010 1:48 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Sanikkilamai Sayangalam 5 Mani’ as promoted by the makers as a crime thriller has nothing in special to offer the audiences.

First and foremost, it is worth appreciating the producer-cinematographer S.P. Guhan for having made a film out HDSLR. Naturally, it has gained worldwide recognition for the Tamil Cinema.
But having attempted with such innovativeness, the creativity is completely lacking in narrative department. Specifically the actors look so confused over the screens as if there are let on their own ways to come up with their own interests.

Situations become worsened when Maha (Malini) vanishes while bolting up from Kodaikanal to Vethalagundu through a bus. It is all because she isn’t interested over the marriage proposal of her family and wants to marry her beau Sarath (Sakthi). Maha’s uncle, a police officer comes to the aid of panic-stricken parents assuring them of getting back their daughter. Sakthi broken down in spirits with the disappearance of his sweet heart is trapped as the culprit. But sooner on proving his innocence is let out on bail. Now it’s up to Sakthi to go ahead with the mission of finding Maha.

Actor Sarath has good screen presence, but his style of performance is middling, especially the dialogue deliveries lack clarity. Nothing to blame upon the actor as director Ravi Bharathy should have paid attention on this arena. Malini doesn’t suit the space even in a single sequence. Likely, the casting seems to be one of the drawbacks in this movie as most of the actor is puzzled all the time.

The characters like Kannadi Gopi, Dhanam are completely peculiar. Their mannerisms and very nature of uttering dialogues in odd ways lets us easily predict the forthcoming events. The actor performing the role of police officer has done his part very well. In fact, he’s the life-saving jacket of this movie as he performs every act with naturalistic approach.

Rathi Bala had proved his panache style of screenwriting in ‘Madurai 2 Theni Via Aandipatti’. But what went wrong with this film is the addition of unwanted elements. Let us make it clear – a love story should at least have something to revel upon the emotional bonding between lovers. But nothing such is witnessed. Even when Malini goes missing, Sarath is found with certain tension whether he might get trapped by the police. It nearly takes three days to start his investigation. There are so much of pointless attributes in this movie like the group of friends easily finding out the culprit in Moonar.

The only plus of the movie is the usage of HDSLR. The production value has been controlled to a greater magnitude, which is something good to mention upon.

‘Sanikkilamai Saayangalam 5 Mani’ is an average fare, which has very few twists but with predictable screenplay.

What works: second half, suspense revealed in climax, a new attempt of cinematography, music

What doesn’t work: Screenplay, dialogues, star-casts, performances, First Half, Logic missing.

Verdict: Give your own try

Banner: S.P.S. Mediaworks

Production: S.P. Guhan

Direction: Ravi Bharathy

Screenplay: Rathi Bala

Star-casts: Sarath, Malini, Ravi Bharathi, Meera Krishnan, Rathi Bala, Selvam, Malathi, Radha and others

Music: Jaivee

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