Karthi Smashes 19 Goons in 90 secs

A breathtaking stunt of Karthi smashing down 19 roughnecks in 90secs without a single cut of editing has been shot in ‘Siruthai’.

News 6-Dec-2010 3:24 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Karthi’s upcoming film ‘Siruthai’, a remake of Telugu movie ‘Vikramakudu’ is directed by Siva. The film’s shooting is close on the heels of completion with a speculative stunt sequence that was shot yesterday.

The scene involves Karthi getting into hand-on-hand combat with 19 hefty goons and he had to do it continuously. The specialty of the action sequence is that there wouldn’t be even a single cut in this sequence.

Vel Raj got himself involved into a backbreaking task of canning this shot while Ganesh choreographed this adrenaline pumping stunt that was rehearsed nearly to 4 hours before the shooting.

The film will wrap up shooting schedules by next week.

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