Chikku Bukku

Doesn’t exceed our expectations.

Reviews 3-Dec-2010 9:02 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Don’t judge book by its cover and don’t judge ‘Chikku Bukku’ to be a heart-touching colorful love story watching its teasers. Manigandan’s debut directorial carries some attractive ingredients like best visuals and good music, but when it comes to heart-and-soul of story, it’s far away from perfection. The debutant seems to have taken everything for granted while dropping his ideas over the script papers. It would have been better even if he had gone through the entire script.

‘Love Stories’ and ‘Diaries’ have shared an intense bonding in many love stories. Suriya-Jyothika starrer ‘Sillunnu Oru Kadhal’, last week release ‘Kanimozhi’ and yet to release Vijay’s ‘Kaavalan’ do share such similarities, in which a parallel line of love story appears through diaries. ‘Chikku Bukku’ aggrandizes to such commonalities as it interweaves two different love stories through diary and in present scenario.

Location: Karaikudi

Year: 1985

Characters: Sekar (Aarya), Meenal (Preethika)

Sekar, an yet to be police officer falls in love with Meenal at first sight. Their ardent likeliness for each other makes them bonded. But their family members are dead against their relationship and aren’t willing to get them married.

Location: London

Year: 2010

Characters: Arjun (Aarya), Anu (Shriya Charan)

One of the country’s most happening DJ’s Arjun always remains in contented state of happiness. Anu is no lesser as she loves being light-hearted. The only thing that brings them together is their destination to Tamil Nadu. On the journey, they come across each other and ride through the unexpected routes after missing the flight in Bangalore.

The protégés of Jeeva often fail to describe the characterization in full-depth. The very opening song ‘Chikku Bukku’ has the British guys announcing Here’s the most happening DJ Arjun and we don’t see any of his characteristics defining the role. Maybe the next shot at marriage ceremony is quite impressive. Majority of the portions comprises of garbled quotients. The shots like train moving away from the station of departure and Shriya is settling down at her seat with Aarya are so amateurish. Aarya starts reading out the diary and envisages the scripted lines through flashback.

Later we find Shriya going through the pages during their journey in lorry. But the later flashback sequences become a vagabond as it moves from no one’s point of view. The romantic elements are completely missing and the timeworn screenplay scatters our attention.

Aarya is emotionless in many sequence and he looks benumbed even during the situations that strongly demands for an ultimate gesture. But he has improved a lot with his body language and dancing skills.

The title song is sure to rock in theatres and that is incisively because of Aarya's screen presence. Shriya Charan looks decorous with neat costumes and good hairstyling.
She could have controlled her hyper-active mannerisms at many places. Santhanam amuses us with his usual tactics and his portions involving Pandu and Swaminathan are absolute laughter-riots. Preethika looks too artificial for the role of Karaikudi girl. Manigandan has spoilt the very nature of a traditional place like Karaikudi. Even till the recent times, the saris wore by women by so traditional and he makes it look so cinematic.

Songs by Hariharan-Leslie have the right mix of peppy numbers and melodic ones. Cinematography by Gurudev is the biggest assets of this film. The peachy greenish backdrops of hill side locales offer a grand visual treat. Thanks to location managers for bringing such places for our view. Editing by V.T. Vijayan is unimpressive.

Though the conceptualization of Manigandan is attention-grabbing, a poor screenplay and ambiguous narration makes the film, an average fare.

What works: Cinematography, Location, Music, Costumes, Aarya, Shriya

What doesn’t work: Preethika, Flimsy story, weak screenplay, Editing

Verdict: Doesn’t exceed our expectations.

Banner: Media One Global Entertainment, Majestic Multimedia Ltd

Production: Sunandha Murali Manohar

Direction: Manikandan

Star-casts: Aarya, Shriya Charan, Preethika, Santhanam, Anup Kumar and others

Music: Hariharan-Leslie

Background: Praveen Mani

Cinematography: R.B. Gurudev

Editing: V.T. Vijayan

Costumes: V. Sai, Deepali Noor

Art: Milan

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