Average. Could have been far better.

Reviews 27-Nov-2010 11:55 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Sripathy Rangasamy bags special appreciation for dropping a different on his script papers. Though the storyline is so simple, the debutant filmmaker’s portrayal of characters is appealing. But again, the film fails to offer grippingness at several points.

Debutant Sripathy Rangasamy could have told the story in an effective way. ‘Romantic Films’ should be a showpiece that touches the emotional quotients. But ‘Kanimozhi’ doesn’t get it done except few moments towards the penultimate sequences.

The film revolves around Rajesh (Jai), a happy guy pampered by his mother and has good friends. Writing diary in unique way, i.e. giving positive solutions to the problems happens to be his ritualistic habit. Fascinated by the beauteous looks a girl (Shazahn), he falls in love with her and followed by few incidents, he decides to propose. But an unexpected shock arrives through another character (played by Vijay Vasanth).

The film is brimmed with bleak scenarios throughout the show. Sparring some interesting moments like suspense behind the diary revealed, there is nothing to praise about the film.

The only convincing factor about ‘Kanimozhi’ is the top-notching sound quality.

The Live Recording has worked a lot and it’s one of the rarest movies of Tamil Cinema that carries perfect clarity of Sound. Even the music mixing is top-notching.
But Satish Chakravarthy has lacked the excellence in background score. The songs are fine with ‘Muzhu Mathi’ being inspired from A.R. Rahman’s track in ‘Warriors of Heaven and Earth’.

With the performance, Jai seems to be too raw and naturalistic, which will not be apt in all movies. He has to develop a lot in terms of performance and choose better scripts. Shazahn, the Mumbai girl of ‘Rocket Singh’ and her yesterday’s Telugu release ‘Orange’ fame doesn’t react to any situations. A Barbie girl indeed! she needs a crash course in acting. Vijay Vasanth pleases with his acting style.

What make ‘Kanimozhi’ tenuous at places are the amateurish dialogues. It looks like the newcomers wants to share the similarities of his mentor Venkat Prabhu. ‘Subramaniapuram’ Swathi arriving at the climax portion is a special surprise and her cameo is good.

‘Kanimozhi’ has possibilities of surviving at box office for another week as the release of big releases from next week will surely overshadow it.

What works: Live Recording, Music Mixing, few sequences during second half

What doesn’t work: First Half, characterizations, performances, dialogues and cinematography

Verdict: Average. Could have been far better.

Banner: UniQ Productions, Amma Creations

Production: Sona, T. Siva

Direction:Sripathy Rangasamy

Star-casts:Jai, Shazahn Padamsee, Vijay Vasanth and others

Music:Sathish Chakravarthy

Cinematography: P. Chidambaram

Editor: Praveen, Srikanth

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