Ajith Kumar 'n' Arjun on a Tough ‘Mankatha’ Game

There are few tougher scenes between Ajith Kumar and Action King Arjun, which will be stunning.

News 22-Nov-2010 11:32 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Venkat Prabhu’s game of probability doesn’t limit itself to the script of ‘Mankatha’ alone, but with the selection of star-casts as well. Precisely, one can expect a whole turn of events from day-to-day. Actors getting out of projects and new ones replacing them have become order of the day. First it was Manchu Manoj followed by Nagarjuna.

Now Venkat Prabhu confirms of having Action King Arjun in the role that was supposed to be played by Nagarjuna. The entire crew will fly for shooting of second schedule on December 3 to Hyderabad. Some scenes will be shot in the backdrops of sets erected at Ramoji Film City.

According to Venkat Prabhu, the film revolves around the time frame of IPL season and few characters come across unexpectedly that decides their life on game of probability. It seems that scenes between Ajith Kumar and Arjun will be more gripping.

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