Hat-Trick Tragedy for 'Mynaa' Girl

Amala Paul aka Anaka of ‘Mynaa’ will likely have a tragic ending in her next film as well.

News 22-Nov-2010 11:32 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Few actresses are really worried up such things, but Amala Paul seems to be more professional and gives no rooms for emotions. The actress made her debut with ‘Sindhu Samaveli’, which indeed earned the wrath of general audiences. However she came up with a good justification saying that the role demanded and there isn’t nothing to relate with image.

Both the films ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ and ‘Mynaa’ had a tragic ending for her. If so, her next film ‘Deiva Magan’ starring Vikram and Anushka in lead roles is expected to have the same fate for her characterization.

The film is loosely inspired on Hollywood’s classical hit ‘I’m Sam’. Amala Paul will be playing the role of Vikram’s deceased rich wife. The possession over the child becomes the main conflict.

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