2 Most Difficult Scenes of Suriya in 'Rattha Charithram'

With couple of weeks of left for the release of Suriya’s ‘Rattha Charithram’, the actor speaks on two most significant scenes that really demanded a lot of potentials.

News 17-Nov-2010 12:23 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Actor Suriya is on complete excitement as his first direct Hindi and Telugu film ‘Raktha Charithram’ will hit screens within next two weeks. Shedding lights on his most difficult sequences, Suriya utters that couple of scenes got him through a tougher scenario.

Says Suriya: ‘Though the film has two lead characters performed by me and Vivek Oberoi, we never more than a scene to meet each other. It required the best of our performances as the two most opposite characters should establish its prominences. The other scene is where my life partner (Priyamani) consoles me and I should be compassionate towards her. At the same time, a phone call arrives into which I must be literally arrogant. Two different emotions at the same context were really tougher to carry on with.’

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