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Reviews 6-Nov-2010 4:25 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Shiva’s acclamation of stardom has been leaping towards next levels right from his debut film ‘Chennai 600028’. His following films ‘Saroja’ and ‘Tamizh Padam’ created a brand for his funny characters. ‘Va Quarter Cutting’ is a new dimensional comedy set in time frame of a single night.

Creatively rhetoric writing by Pushkar-Gayathri deserves special mention as they narrate the story straight to the point without any diversions.

This film reminds us off so many Hollywood movies of the same genres, which includes the recently released blockbuster ‘Date Night’.

‘Va Quarter Cutting’ opens with the introduction of several characters that are likely to come across each other – bunch of Anglo-Indian guys doping up in graveyard (SS Music VJ Craig), a woman police inspector reluctantly setting out for night duty, a dim-witted politician (choreographer Kalyan) working on self-publicity, a madcap ruffian burning down vehicles parked across roadsides, couple of thieves plotting to break open the ATM Machine and then there’s Sundarajan alias Sura (Shiva) heading to Chennai from his Village so as to fly for Dubai for his job at early morning flight. Soon as the agent imposes certain strict conditions of not consuming alcohol in Dubai, his emotional outbreaks urges him to gulp at least quarter cutting. Apparently, the duo starts running across Chennai during night time, which lets them through unexpected encounters they unlooked-for.

Directors Pushkar-Gayathri has implemented an interesting concept over the script papers. But they could have packaged the entire show into a shorter duration. It could have done well even at 100mins and few characterizations are purposeless. Shiva’s comical liners are the greatest highlights. Certain lines like ‘Namalukku Mokka Cards… Aaana Avangalukku Adhavida Mokka Cards’ uttered in a hilarious way. SP Charan’s looks and mannerisms evoke laughter. Lekha Washington’s character as 12th attempt is good, but her character doesn’t hold much substantiality. The first half is engrossing while the second hour has some dull moments. Amar of ‘Bale Pandiya’ fame appearing as ghost appeals with a philosophical message. John Vijay’s exaggerates himself for spoofy nature. Couldn’t the directors find another apt person? Arya’s cameo as ‘Oram Po’ character is a special surprise.

G.V. Prasad’s songs are appreciable and he has overdone his job. Placing of ‘Thediya Thediya’ in different situations strikes with boredom. Cinematography by Nirav Shah is extraordinary, but he could have avoided the same ‘Oram Po’ shades of tawdry green tones and presented the visuals in natural night light.

The filmmakers have played spoofs on ‘Sura’ and ‘Singam’ through the dialogues. Such things can be avoided as it would avert the audiences, especially the star fans.

As on whole, ‘Va Quarter Cutting’ is a different experience. Now don’t start debating whether a character would go ahead making its pursuit for such a silly need. It maybe a human emotion as Shiva admits at the beginning of film or just a creative imagination. Don’t expect much from this film or lookout for logics.

What works: Basic Story, Shiva, SP Charan, Music, Cinematography…

What doesn’t work: Length, few unwanted characters, Double act of John Vijay is too cartoon

Verdict: Watch it once

Banner: Y Not Studios, Cloud Nine Productions

Production: Sasikanth, Dayanidhi Azhagiri

Direction: Pushkar-Gayathri

Star-casts: Shiva, SP Charan, Lekha Washington, John Vijay and others

Music: G.V. Prakash

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

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