Superstar Rajnikanth Praises 'Uthamaputhiran'

Rajnikanth was spotted with sparkling smile after watching Dhanush’s Diwali release ‘Uthamaputhiran’.

News 4-Nov-2010 2:06 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Apart from the close relationship of ‘in-law’ factors, Rajnikanth has been personally advising Dhanush on his projects. Though he doesn’t interfere much into his discussions, he makes sure of giving special tips. Before few weeks, Superstar happened to watch the double positive of Dhanush’s ‘Aadukalam’ and appreciated the entire team. He mentioned that director Vetrimaaran has surpassed with best work.

Last evening, Superstar was present at Four Frames Theatre for the special screening of ‘Uthamaputhiran’.

Soon after watching the film, the actor walked out with smile on his face and acclaimed the film as a best family entertainer for this season.

The film is releasing with 600 Theatres in Tamil Nadu alone.

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