Guess who is this Chandramukhi?

The tagline ready – SHE IS BACK. But can you predict who is she?

News 1-Nov-2010 2:45 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The poster should remind you of the Tamil film industry’s most sensational blockbuster of all times. Yes, it is none other than our Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Chandramukhi’. The second part made in Kannada as ‘Aaptha Raksha’ was a tremendous hit and now the film is getting remade in Telugu as ‘Nagavalli – Chandramukhi returns’.

The first look logo was designed for a very long time and it was unraveled recently.

Set in backdrops of a town in Andhra Pradesh, the film revolves around a family that wins this portrait in a dance competition. Soon as the portrait of Nagavalli is fixed in their house, the mystery starts troubling them. Unable to manage the nightmarish experiences, they call upon the protagonist who happens to be a psychiatrist. Venkatesh arrives into the scene so as to untangle the family unaware of a shocking mystery awaited for him.

So have you guessed who could be in this hidden image – is that Anushka or Kamalini Mukherji?

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