Girl in Twist of 'Kaavalan' Climax

Vijay and Asin are the leading highlights of ‘Kaavalan’, but there is another with an important role.

News 1-Nov-2010 12:13 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Vijay’s next release ‘Kaavalan’ is completed now with few patch-up works pending. One can expect Vijay’s upcoming film ‘Kaavalan’ to be a turning point in his career. The actor’s previous being the most clichéd commercial flicks, it’s time for the actor to change his tracks. ‘Kaavalan’ will be an emotional romantic story that revolves around just three characters. Mithra Kurian made her debut in film industry through the original version ‘Bodyguard’.

Guess how this girl is gonna be the twist in the ‘Kaavalan’ climax?

According to the sources, the film has Vijay playing the role of Asin’s bodyguard. To make sure that his daughter isn’t attacked by his opponents, he asks Vijay to accompany her by studying in the same class. Mithra Kurian haps to be the close friend of Asin and she too stays with her. To divert Vijay’s attention from her, she invents a plan of making prank call of a girl. But once she gets to know about Vijay’s respect and value for her, she falls in love with him despites being engaged to a London based NRI.

The twist that waits in the climax will really struck as in absolute shock that occurs through Mithra Kurian.

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