Unconditional Praises for Danny Boyle's '127 Hours’

With just a week left for the release of ‘127 Hours’, filmmaker Danny Boyle and A.R. Rahman are winning more praises across the globe.

News 29-Oct-2010 6:02 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Following the grand success of academy award winning movie ‘127 Hours’, the same team has finally accomplished with its next project ‘127 Hours’. The film is being screened at various international festivals and is winning more laurels. Especially, A.R. Rahman’s usage of more guitar based music in background score has got the appreciations for him.

Now the film is getting ready for release on November 5, which in Indian context would be the festive occasion of Diwali. Meanwhile, Indian film industry’s famous filmmaker-producer Shekar Kapoor has praised Danny Boyle’s showpiece as a remarkable movie. He has mentioned that the film is excellent as A.R. Rahman’s music.

The film is based on the novel that in turn is based on real life incident of American mountaineer Aron Ralston, who had an unforgettable adventure struck between mountain cliffs for 127 Hours.

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